If you're here scouting for a place to market your website by cross referencing mine, please keep scouting as I’m going to pass on any links.

That means your email will go unanswered.

Please understand this website is a hobby website I built for our dogs. I don’t go anywhere near social media so I won't link to your website in any capacity. All of our dogs have a clean bill of health and are at their perfect weight. Other than their glaucoma meds, they aren't in any need of supplements. Since all their tummy issues were resolved with changing their diet to quality food – Horizon Legacy, I will not fix what’s not broken.

Should they need supplements, I will start with the same supplements I’m taking – Ancestral Supplements. If you read the reviews on Amazon, lots of reviewers use this brand for themselves and their cats and dogs where it's safe to do so.

In response to a scouter yesterday and other previous times, this is why you're reading what you're reading. I don’t market our website or even care how this site was found if I hadn't sent the link. Whatever links I put here is because I'm name dropping and support that product. There is no financial gain at all.

*** Message Received. ***

I'll be in touch soon. Unless it's robo spam mail or the scouting / link sharing that I will not do....