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At the risk of hearing about how I'm not feeding the dogs correctly, I'll list what the food we give the dogs anyway. And why. Our dogs are middle-aged for the lifespan of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes and one would not know it by looking at our dogs!

We give them Horizon Legacy dry food twice a day plus a Darford cookie for lunch or Momentum Carnivore Nutrition dehydrated meat treats. For training and grooming, they get rabbit flavored treats that they go absolutely bonkers for! Usually, but not always, they all share a can of wet rabbit food on their Sunday breakfast of Legacy kibble.

This food is NOT cheap but it is cheaper than veterinary visits where you discuss ongoing health issues.

*** You need to be exceedingly careful with any kind of treat because more often than not they can get infested with little beetles!!! ***

The treats need to be kept separated in glass or plastic so the beetles can't eat through plastic bags and get everywhere else!

The rabbit treats we give are Nutrisource Rabbit Bites. The wet rabbit food we give is Evanger's Grain Free Rabbit. It's cheaper on Amazon if you can't get it locally.

Northern breeds consider ice cubes a complete treat/reward so they get LOTS of those where they are in heaven, eating them while they lie on their sides and eat!

I found this picture on Reddit:

I try all different kinds of healthy additions to their meals. I'm still sorting through the 60,000 pics on my computer so they WILL come later! I saw them recently -- I just don't remember where. :(

Sasin and Banshee gnawing on Primal Raw Beef Marrow Bones:

*** I do NOT give our dogs rawhides anymore! And same goes for Milkbones!*** Once upon a time when I was providing these things, Sasin would be throwing up a LOT -- sometimes in 13 spots alllll over the carpet and house. A good friend who owns his own dog and cat food store showed me this about how rawhides are made video. I was sold. I happened to be there when a fellow customer showed the store owner and I what she gives her dog. The tummy troubles stopped 100 %!

To help alleviate boredom and satisfy their need to chew on these that best serve as a toothbrush our dogs get the occasional "moo tube" and non-rawhide chews.

Dogs get a dog Christmas every year and it's important to keep a tight rein on them because of the pack mentality/possessive nature! A squirt bottle keeps the balance with Sasin and whoever she won't share with: