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First and foremost, I'm an artist. Of something. In various mediums. Not so much right now as I've only got one working arm after surviving a bad stroke. But said good arm and hand is my right hand and I can type so I can hand stitch this website. Thankfully, I never lost my coding by hand skills from back when I built websites professionally.

Card Crafts:

These include embossing, painting, ribbons and additional craft papers and/or items, such as wood cut outs.

Bird Houses:

Pencil Sketches from When I Was a Kid:

GraphX Design:

The first 3 pictures were done on my first computer when I had a whopping 16 colors. I eventually upgraded to 256 colors. I eventually made it to 16 million colors! Also, these were created in the first edition Corel Draw. I was not impressed. These days, while I have the 2020 editions of Corel graphic design programs, I still use Adobe Photoshop 7.

The "you are here" image was the primary image on this website when it was just an email server and when I had no plans to build a website... for dogs, much less anything else.

Wood Crafts:

The star wand was a requested "fairy godmother's wand" by an ex boss who performed corrective miracles in real estate title insurance policies.

The "all welcome" or "welcome y'all" is painted with glow in the dark paint so oner can see they are always welcome.

The Chef Taberini sign was back when I was learning to transfer computer print outs to wood. It's easy but I need practice.

Customized Model Horses:

Changing around Breyer Horses was the start of some down and dirty crafting. This involved learning how to tweak the molded plastic with sanders, plumbing epoxy puddy, taxidermy quality eyes. On a real small scale. Then came learning the art of sculping mohair – real animal hair used to simulate horse hair.

It wasn't cheap and it was my parents' money before I could pay for it I was limited with what I had to work. But! I did it! The glass eyes were easier to deal with. I wish I more was into photography then as I am these days. Oh, well. At least I had a decent film camera back then when I did take pictures.