Banshee - Sasin - Echo - Akula

Echo is well-trained and probably a registered, pure blooded Siberian Husky. She will lay there and ignore the vacuum cleaner as it goes by her nose OR if the vacuum is used ON her. She doesn't seem to know how to bark or woo as a normal husky talks. She can, however, make some really unique mumblings. When the other dogs get excited, Echo needs to go find a toy to focus her attention. Odd.

I broke her of some good habits such as NOT jumping up onto the couch and NOT "heel" walking. When walking 4 dogs, I need them right in front of me or 2 on each side. She's a couch hog now.... :)

Echo with her buddy, Akula.

Echo with her other couch hogs.

I found Echo online at the local animal shelter an hour after her picture was posted. I had work approval of leaving early to take Sasin to the shelter and see how approval would go....

When Sasin indicated her approval, she didn't know Echo would be coming home with us. More on that later....

Upon coming home, Echo immediately got a new collar in her iconic color. That was when I noticed just how scrappy she was while being a "stray".

Echo..... Onto her name.... She earned it the first time I groomed her. Huskies are notorious for being hostile when their paws are touched or brushed for too long. Echo was so done with me before I was done with her. Just a couple more claws to go so chill out. Done! I went into the kichen to clean up the grooming tools and then I saw Echo glaring at me... copped a squat and PEED on the ottoman!!! WTH!!??!! So what I do to her will come right back around to me. Got it....

She did it to spite me! What I did to her came right back to haunt me. Ugh! I wasn't going to name her Boomerang. And so her name became Echo... which also happens to be a military aircraft.... Also... she earned the nickname "Dora" from Dora the Explorer. She has this thing for wandering into the bedroom THEN the closet and so on.

She has 2 name patches on her collar.

Now back to cute Echo pictures.... She is almost always seen with a toy close by if not under her chin.

She's known for her tongue shots....

She is the only dog I've ever seen that could win the argument of being named "Spot".

Sasin didn't know that her approving of Echo meant that she okayed Echo's coming to live with us. Sasin can get extremely jealous of Echo. Echo's not at all bothered by this -- it's like she gets a little satisfaction out of pissing her off. :)

The dogs would line up when Mom pulls into the garage....

Echo humors me on her birthday cos she knows I let them pick out their own birthday present at the pet store. :)