I grew up with a simple last name that was easy to spell yet everyone in the free world decided it was spelled with either two O’s and / or no E.

Morehouse was simple – like the college and / or the mustard. People refused to believe me. It makes me wonder who ties these people's shoes....

I married into the surname of Taber and was told that spelling the 5 letters would not get any easier. The E in Taber would be swapped for an O because it would be clear that I don’t know how to spell my own name.

Truer words were never said.

I spell out my name and accentuate the E and without missing a beat, I’ll be watching a person write my name down with O! It’s not like I have an accent or a mouthful of socks.

In the summer of 2018, I survived a hemorrhagic stroke and found myself with a lot of free time to study up on where I go from here. My stroke spared my long term memory and most of my short term memory which has actually been improving.

I started this website to create a simple email address that was not a free internet address. It was only after the fact that I decided if people can’t spell my name right, it’s one less email I have to deal with.

I also created this domain to have a playground for me to return to website design / building that I used to do back when I was a professional nerd.

Meanwhile, this time off is no free ride. The left side of my body has spastiscity where my body can't communicate with my brain. Therefore, my muscles think I'm falling and bracing for the impact. I qualified for insurance covered Botox injections and while that's great – it's rather slow to show any change. That said, though, the spastic pain has lessened. A little.

I recently increased my time in professional rehab with the mindset of being a bit more aggressive with my healing process and the first day proved the facility didn't coordinate their efforts or therapists OR schedule to work WITH me at the correct time. I had to lead them in what was clear I needed. Or for how long. I ended up overdoing it by waaay too much and they should have known that. It's clear they all lack the intuition to see what each patient needs to move forward. I'm really left feeling more like a cow in the chute in a long line of others at the slaughter house....

Due to seeing my rehab therapists only helping me enough to bait me with slight improvements, I came to the conclusion the rehab facility was only guaranteeing paychecks so I looked elsewhere for a new facility and found one that focuses on balance and walking. I've improved more in a month than a year at the old place!