I secured a domain name of my own name. I had the best of intentions to make an email address easy for people to spell. It was only after securing it for a couple years that I got schooled on just how unable grown "English as a first language" adults can spell and/or pronunciate the 5 letters of Taber....

I decided if they can't spell rabidjackal.com, then it's one less email I have to deal with.

As the story goes... I grew up with a simple last name that was easy to spell yet everyone in the free world decided it was spelled with either two O’s and / or no E.

Morehouse was simple – like the college and / or the mustard. People refused to believe me. It makes me wonder who ties these people's shoes....

I married into the surname of Taber and was told that spelling the 5 letters would not get any easier. The E in Taber would be swapped for an O because it would be clear that I don’t know how to spell my own name.

Truer words were never said.

Additionally, it's pronounced TAY BRR – like you're really cold. 99 % of population pronounce it as "TABBER" as in the first 5 letters of the word "TABERNACLE". The days of learning words in school is a thing of the past. Years ago, a recent high school graduate called me "Tabber" and I pointed out there's only 1 B so that makes it TaYber. He told me English teachers no longer teach pronunciation. WHAT??? Our property tax dollars pay for public schools and they don't teach kids to NOT sound like hillbillies or uneducated college graduates?

Regardless of reasons for mispronunciation, I spell out my name and accentuate the E and without missing a beat, I’ll be watching a person write my name down with O! It’s not like I have an accent or a mouthful of socks.

My email address ends in rabidjackal.com. Bark At Me.